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What it is like working for an IT Company in Elmore, Ohio?

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Elmore downtown

Elmore is a small rural town with which it exports mainly antiquesTractors are a commonplace, but when most of the population is 65+, golf carts are just as frequent of a sight. The town grew originally from their old exporting of cars named after the town, but The Elmore faded away leaving only the town behind. (This was due to the railroad leaving.) It won many awards in the late 1800s for endurance and stamina and the town, showed a version of that strength as well. After all these years later, it has still been a town that reinvents itself to overcome their obstacles. It is far enough from 'the city' to have spotty at best cell reception, but being remote is not all that bad... Elmore's package comes with many attractions from a bike trail and an ice cream shop, to a wine-tasting bar and a botanical garden.

We at Lighthouse IT Solutions love to call this little town our home.

So, why would an IT company want to set up shop in such a place?

The main reason is that it is quiet and peaceful. That may be a lame answer, but not getting disturbed every hour is a big bonus in the IT field. Small towns have a reputation of being quite with Elmore being no exception. The loudest it gets is when a firetruck passes by.

Elmore streets

We are in between a few small towns like Oak Harbor, Maumee, Genoa, Port Clinton, Perrysburg and Toledo and Fremont are right off the turn-pike that passes at the edge of the town. The placement is surprisingly great, and the people are even better. The people here give off that small town vibe, greeting everyone they pass by, whether they are good friends or strangers. Most our work can be done over the phone or by remote access, but we enjoy visiting our client's offices as often as we can to check up on them, so turnpike access is amazing for our techs.

You would think that internet would be an issue and that it is not as available here as in a big city, but once again, that large highway I-80 makes up for any inconveniences... We have a fiber connection! Going with fiber optic is great, as it is super quick and stable, but it comes at a large cost. (It is seriously a crazy amount of money.)

Despite the quirks of being in Elmore Ohio, it is still where we at Lighthouse IT call home. 



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Posted by Laif Thorbahn on Oct 17, 2017 5:01:28 PM
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