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Multi-Factor Authentication and NCSAM 2022!

Posted by Mark Nash on Sep 30, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Once again, we find ourselves in October, and for us, it's also known as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! (NCSAM) It's a time when we all work together to help increase public awareness of cybersecurity and its importance to everyone. This year's theme is 'See Yourself in Cyber,' which is about recognizing the role that you play in cybersecurity for yourself and the people around you. If you are not practicing good cybersecurity habits, not only are you endangering yourself, but you could also be endangering many others. A hacker can use a breach in your cybersecurity to break into whatever network you are connected to, which gives them an opening (called a foothold) to attack anyone else on that network. This problem becomes even worse when it is a business network that is storing the private data of any number of customers who trusted that business to keep their data safe or even the business's info itself that could ruin the company if all their data gets stolen. We always say your network is only as strong as the weakest link.

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Topics: Internet Safety, NCSAM, Cybersecurity, Multi-factor Authentication

The Dangers of Shadow IT

Posted by Mark Nash on Nov 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Most companies leave the IT side of their business to the IT department; however, as things become easier and more accessible , Shadow IT grows. But what is it? Shadow IT is defined as IT systems and devices managed outside of the IT department without their knowledge. Shadow IT is usually performed as a quick fix by a non-IT department to solve a problem that the IT department has not (usually due to time constraints) or cannot. Sometimes, it is an attempt to make things more convenient for the end-user, but it generally becomes a bigger problem as time goes on. While Shadow IT can have benefits and has lead to several innovations, it does not come without its drawbacks.

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Topics: Harmony, IT services, Managed Service Provider, Internet Safety, NCSAM, Cybersecurity, Malware

Metaverse, more China bans, REvil news, and a side of Crypto

Posted by Griffin Ball on Nov 5, 2021 11:00:00 AM

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - Novermber 5th, 2021

This week, Matt & Griff discuss Facebook and Microsoft's moves to become their own metaverses, LinkedIn releases a new freelance marketplace while simultaneously pulling out of China, along with several other services, in addition to the US banning China Telecom, REvil being forced offline, and more.

Listen here!

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Topics: Harmony, Business Continuity, Network Risk Assessment, Internet Safety, Website Development, NCSAM, Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Multi-factor Authentication, Malware, Podcast, Harmony Cloud

What is Ransomware as a Service? (RaaS)

Posted by Mark Nash on Nov 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Ransomware continues to grow, not only as one of the most popular forms of malware but also as one of the largest industries in the world. And no small part of this growth is due to the rise of ransomware as a service. Ransomware as a service is similar to any other software as a service in that the developer leases the use of the software to anyone willing to pay for it. However, in this case, the software is ransomware, meaning that anyone can launch a ransomware attack even without significant technical knowledge. In 2020 alone, the total revenue generated by ransomware is estimated to be around $20 billion.

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Topics: Business Continuity, Managed Service Provider, Internet Safety, NCSAM, Ransomware, Malware, Downtime

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