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Types of Cybersecurity Threats to Worry About

Posted by Mark Nash on Oct 1, 2021 9:00:00 AM

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We here at Lighthouse IT Solutions will once again be joining to raise awareness of digital threats and offer knowledge on how to protect yourself from said threats. So the best way to start doing that is to go through the common cyber-security threats!

One of the most common methods hackers employ in breaching networks and stealing secure information is phishing attacks, which is when they disguise their malicious websites or emails as legitimate ones. We have discussed phishing before and will again in more detail next week.

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Making Use of the Downtime

Posted by Mark Nash on Apr 11, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Productive tasks to help your business grow during your spare time.

As we begin to enter the warmer seasons, it is natural that small businesses will find their level of activity marginally lower, especially so this year with the COVID-19 virus keeping everyone indoors. While this potential decrease in revenue can be unsettling, the increase in free time can be put to good use. Now is your chance to take an introspective look at the business.

What can be improved, strengthened, or changed?  


The best place to start is by reviewing your business’s digital security. You should review all the security systems that your company has set up and determine how capable they are of protecting your business and its data. Talk with your employees and make sure that they are aware of what is required of them to keep the business protected. A large part of security is having a plan to mitigate damage and the appropriate follow up in the unfortunate event that your business is the victim of a cyber-attack. Check out Navigate Defense if you want tools to enhance your workforce.

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Introducing a Revolutionary Solution for Better Cyber Security

Posted by Mark Nash on Mar 6, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Cyber security is a vital component of any company, no matter the size or what products/services they provide. Cyber security is important for every business and individual. While antivirus and firewalls are a good start, they cannot protect a business from all the digital threats it will face. As the already massive and turbulent nature of the digital space continues to expand, cyber security needs to keep up with it. In order to provide a greater presence Lighthouse IT Solutions is happy to announce that it has partnered with Defendify to make Cyber Security easy to understand and implement.

Defendify is an all-in-one cyber security platform that has been specifically designed for small businesses. It focuses on creating a strong foundation to foster a culture of security within a company and uses its own technologies to expand a company’s existing cyber security setup.

To ensure that businesses have supporting infrastructure, Defendify:

  • helps create policies and rules to regulate the use of technology and data with cyber security in mind
  • helps create response plans that can be quickly deployed to protect the business as much as possible in the event of a cyber-attack
  • provides regular cyber security health checkups informing businesses of the vulnerability of their cyber security measures and where they can improve
  • employs the use of ethical hackers to simulate cyber-attacks and identify any weaknesses so that they can be strengthened
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Should I get my staff more training?

Posted by Griffin Ball on Oct 31, 2017 3:51:00 PM

No one truly enjoys spending their hard-earned cash. (Especially on other people...) But as a business, that is a huge part in development and growth of the company. You have to spend money to make money, right? Training is no exception. We just try to make that blow a little softer.

SO which courses do employees need the most? What would be the most effective?

As a tech company, we are consultants for many bigger companies. That puts us in a unique spot to see how other businesses function and how they do their continued education. We have noticed that many business owners buy software to fix issues, which is great! (Supporting tech development is a strong way to grow.) But a lot of companies do not follow through with their staff training to use those products. The education you get for your staff should be focused on programs that you already use. The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most used software packages to date. When you apply for a job, it is basically expected of you to already know some of these products. Most times employers like you to have a specialization in at least one of them too.

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