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How to reduce a computer's boot time

Posted by Laif Thorbahn on Sep 28, 2018 4:03:21 PM

Give the boot to bad boot times

Remember first pulling your new computer out of the box. That initial press of the power button is thrilling. To be instantly greeted with the setup screen was probably a huge upgrade in speed over your previous machine, but that may have been a while ago. Now when you press the power button you have the downtime to check your phone, go to the bathroom, or even grab a snack while to computer boots up. We all know the pain of these slow boot-times, but we are here to help with getting your boot-time back to that new computer feel. We will start off with some of the easier or more effective methods and get more in depth as we go along.

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Topics: IT services, Misc.

Clearing your browser cache

Posted by Griffin Ball on Sep 14, 2018 9:08:00 AM

Have you ever been on a website and noticed a formatting issue that was just too weird to pawn-off on bad design? Or maybe something on a page that was there previously is gone/moved since the last time you visited? Well these could very well be because of your browser's cache. Having problems like this at work may lead to calling the IT staff and the first thing they will tell you to do is to try clearing your browser cache. So, what is the deal with the cache and why does refreshing it often solve browser problems?

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Online Gaming Risks and Warnings

Posted by Keith Davis on May 4, 2018 9:10:00 AM

The dangers of the internet for kids has been known for practically three decades. Given all the tech advancements since then, that seems like a very long time. So why are we still facing online gaming risks with kids not being safe online and when will we finally overcome these problems? I know as a parent I feel one of my primary jobs is to simply provide for my children; give them the morals and opportunities in life that they will need to be successful. When parents buy their children outlandish stuff, they usually going through in hopes of enriching their lives or at least that sense of accomplishment that we set out for ourselves. Sometimes, even though we feel we are helping our children or making them happy, we can sometimes inadvertently put them in danger and expose them to the cruelties of this world.

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So Long 2017 & Thanks for all the Fish!

Posted by Matt Almendinger on Dec 20, 2017 9:08:00 AM

It is absolutely incredible to me that soon we will bid farewell to yet another year, as it seems so very recently that we welcomed 2017. As we do, I always find it customary that I begin reflecting on the year. Its' highs. Its' lows. Its' lessons and its' regrets, but as I do, I always find myself coming to one very important conclusion: I am very lucky.

Lucky because I get to live out my dream. Lucky because there are a multitude of those who support that dream -- and that most of those people I get to call clients, as well as friends. I'm lucky because behind me is a staff of people who care about my dream and vision. They trust it, even when it isn't clear.
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