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Introducing a Revolutionary Solution for Better Cyber Security

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Cyber security is a vital component of any company, no matter the size or what products/services they provide. Cyber security is important for every business and individual. While antivirus and firewalls are a good start, they cannot protect a business from all the digital threats it will face. As the already massive and turbulent nature of the digital space continues to expand, cyber security needs to keep up with it. In order to provide a greater presence Lighthouse IT Solutions is happy to announce that it has partnered with Defendify to make Cyber Security easy to understand and implement.

Defendify is an all-in-one cyber security platform that has been specifically designed for small businesses. It focuses on creating a strong foundation to foster a culture of security within a company and uses its own technologies to expand a company’s existing cyber security setup.

To ensure that businesses have supporting infrastructure, Defendify:

  • helps create policies and rules to regulate the use of technology and data with cyber security in mind
  • helps create response plans that can be quickly deployed to protect the business as much as possible in the event of a cyber-attack
  • provides regular cyber security health checkups informing businesses of the vulnerability of their cyber security measures and where they can improve
  • employs the use of ethical hackers to simulate cyber-attacks and identify any weaknesses so that they can be strengthened

One of the most vital, yet often ignored, aspects of proper preservation for any business is ensuring that their employees are aware of their own role. After all, even the best antivirus programs can only help so much if an employee ignores the safeguards.

Defendify helps nurture the skills of cyber safety in the workplace by utilizing:

Defendify – Cyber Security
  • Awareness reminders and videos to keep everyone thinking about staying secure
  • online cyber security training to ensure that employees know what to look out for and how to act properly in order to stay secure
  • regular emails with details about new threats and developments in the field of cyber security
  • practical training in the form of phishing attempt simulations

The phishing attempt simulations are particularly useful because they will attempt to trick a business’s employees in the same manner as a real phishing attempt, but unlike a real phishing attempts if someone falls for it there will be no attack on the network and the victim will be alerted that they fell for a phishing attack and put through training on what went wrong.

Defendify has several services that they utilize:

  • scouring the Dark Web in order to search for compromised passwords that need to be changed
  • scanning networks in order to identify vulnerabilities that need to be fixed and send alerts when suspicious activity is identified
  • scanning websites to find any vulnerabilities that need to be fixed

We here at Lighthouse IT Solutions really enjoy working with Defendify in order to make sure your data is protected. With all the features and benefits that Defendify has available, you can be rest assured about.

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About Defendify

Defendify was founded on the philosophy of providing small businesses a simplified, ongoing cyber security solution that’s easy to use, affordable at every level, and more than confusing jargon. A comprehensive and streamlined online system, Defendify is the only all-in-one cyber security program specifically designed for small businesses and delivered through a SaaS model. We make cyber security easy to understand and use with simplified terms and support by our in-house team of program advisers.


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Posted by Mark Nash on Mar 6, 2020 11:00:00 AM