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Multi-Factor Authentication and NCSAM 2022!

Uber, U-Haul & Rockstar Breaches, Apple Features, and Disney AR Movies

Oracle Lawsuit, LastPass Code Breach, Starlink & T-Mobile Partnership

Zero-Day Patches, Changes Coming to Social Media, & Text-to-Images

Slacking Security, TikTok Taking Over, More ApplyPay, & Amazon Vacuum

Nintendo Pics, Facebook Fumbles, Microsoft Changes & Amazon Healthcare

Satellites, Deepfake interviews, FCC v. TikTok, & Musk v. Twitter

Lego Building, Facebook Changing, & Harmony's Blockchain Blunder

'Self Aware' AI, Linux Backdoor, iBank, & Amazon Drone Deliveries

Office & BT exploits, Apple 'DIY' Repair Kit, & Pizza Vending Machines

Killing passwords, End of iPod & Lightning, Twitter vs Musk, & ARTRPGs

Cloud Fax vs. Traditional Fax

Apple's Self-Service Kit, Minus CNN+, Twitter Talk, & OJ in Cereal

AriZona stays 99c, Twitter vs Elon, Etsy Sellers Strike, & Malware Art

Printer Cyber-Security

Lapsus$ Leaked, Mailchimp Breach, Elon Edits Twitter, & Fast Fashion

The Goals of a Hacker

Microsoft & Okta attacked, Invisibility Shields, BiaB Phishing & more!

Mobile Device Cyber-Security

Oops all hacks ft. Lapsus$, TikTok's clock extends, & Disney Plus Adds

Peloton's plan, MoviePass the Sequel, Chrome's Journeys, & Emoji URLs

Why Are Businesses Transitioning to Cloud Desktops?

Semiconductors soaring, NYT buys Wordle, Facebook floundering, & more!

The Lighthouse IT Solutions Podcast 2021 Wrap Up

log4j vulnerability, Life360 privacy issues, Peloton marketing & more!

Bad News for Meta, Good News from Apple, Return of Clippy

Hackers Using Bots for 2FA, FBI Email Hack, & Buying the Constitution

The Dangers of Shadow IT

Metaverse, more China bans, REvil news, and a side of Crypto

What is Ransomware as a Service? (RaaS)

Preparing and Recovering from a Cyber Attack

Microsoft repels 2.4Tbps DDoS, Fight the phish, & CISA on Zero Trust

The Dangers of BYOD or 'Bring Your Own Device'

Why Every Company Should Have a Better Cybersecurity Culture

Facebook Down, Twitch Hacked, Hollywood Strike, & Apple Exploit

Phishing Scams in 2021

Types of Cybersecurity Threats to Worry About

Top 5 Cybersecurity Myths

Taco Subscription, Passwordless Accounts, and a lot of bugs

Introducing Harmony Cloud

More Ban News, Gift Card Gang, Cyber Attacks, Blockchain art & more!

T-Mobile hack, Yik Yak back, OnlyFans (un)banning and more!

Big Router Hack, Citizen, Salesforce+, Star Wars hotel and more!

Kaseya's Ransom, PetitPotam, HiveNightmare, Apple update, and more!

PrintNightmare non-fix, Kaseya VSA patch, REvil gone, & TikTok to 3min

Widespread MSP Ransomware Incident & PrintNightmare

Statement Regarding the Kaseya VSA Breach

MyBook Live data wiped, Pros-Cons of NewsGuard, & 'last' OS Windows 11

VW & McDonald’s breach, ALPACA vulnerability, Twitter Blue & HBO Max

Google & QUIC, Not Giving Up AirTag, Amazon buys MGM & Low Brand Trust

Colonial Pipeline gets an Apology, Twitter Blue, & Ohio Vax-a-million

Apple's AirDrop flaw, Verizon sells, Amazon's email marketing & more!

Semiconductor Shortage, FBI hacks, & proving your brain needs breaks!

Cleveland Clinic goes Quantum, Microsoft & AR tech, plus creative marketing strategies

Is Your Business Following Customer Service Best Practices?

Windows 10 printing fiasco, Twitter Spaces, TVision, HBO Max & more!

What is Content Marketing?

Exchange Exploit, the Cloud on Fire, Bob Ross Painting MTN Dew & more!

WiFi Weak Points

Nick Cage, Hitting Emotet Where It Hurts & Business Harmony Everywhere

Make Your Tech Work For You!

Death of the Third-Party Cookie, Apple Exploits, SuperBowl Ads & more!

The Concerns of Infrastructure Takedowns

The Lighthouse IT 2020 Recap

Cyber Attack on FireEye, Influencers Under Pressure & Daytime TV Ads

The New Cyber Threat that is TrickBoot

Will 2020 have a normal Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Giving Tuesday?

NCSAM Reflection - Behind the Marketing

Training and Habits - NCSAM 2020

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Essentials

Preparedness and Business Continuity - NCSAM 2020

Cyber Security While Shopping Online

The Importance of Protection

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - 2020

Technology is Your Last Line of Defense - NCSAM 2020

Malicious Wallpapers, Phishing Trends, Zoom Backgrounds & more!

More Apple Store Drama, Ransomware Wins and the New Facebook

Apple Gave Epic a fortnight, Influencer Resilience & Reeling in TikTok

We have joined the ASCII Group community!

TikTok Ban, Chex Quest Revamp and Unilever Experiments

Timelapse of Elmore Bridge Construction!

Twitter stops Tweets & Hulu offers Sweets

Phishing the Fisherman, Chrome's URL, & Reddit/Pinterest's show time

Lightbulbs hearing you, FB email marketing, & the 'Lock-down Whopper'

Flaws in Apple sign-in, Upgrading to Android 10, and Core Web Vitals

How has COVID-19 influenced security and changed our marketing efforts

Establishing a New Norm - The Lighthouse IT Podcast

Making Use of the Downtime

Planning for the Remote Workforce

Introducing a Revolutionary Solution for Better Cyber Security

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Scams

Could Multi-factor Authentication really be that good?

Urgent/11 and You

Cybersecurity Needs to Be Everywhere

Cybersecurity Does Not Need to Be Scary!

The Importance of Cybersecurity

What makes a good website?

Best way for employees to communicate internally

Windows 7 End of Life

What is a Network Switch?

6 Ways We Shield Your Business From Ransomware

Is a website redesign enough to get you to the top of Google?

Why should your website be mobile friendly?

Inside Secure-IT: Network Security and Device Protection

Inside Secure-IT: User-Based Security and Password Management

Inside Secure-IT: Physical Security

Inside Secure-IT: Backups and Recovery

How to reduce a computer's boot time

Clearing your browser cache

What to think about before hiring an IT professional?

Is it better to have a little SaaS?

Striving to be Indispensable in Our Community

A Lesson in Shattering Expectations

Should I Outsource My IT?

What is a pop-up and how can I get rid of them?

What is a Rootkit?

Spam Emails and Getting Rid of Them

The Different Types of Malware

What should I do about a "Low Disk Space" error?

Online Gaming Risks and Warnings

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup - Safer, smarter and more secure

What are HTTP Cookies and why can't I eat them...?

What if everything you do was being watched?

What is Air-Gapped Security?

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

Trojans and Adware, the Vessels of Malware

Internet Safety for Children

Computer Viruses, The Most Notable Malware

Computer Worms

What is Malware?

How secure is your network?

Ransomware and How to Protect Your Organization...

What is Phishing and how can you protect yourselves against it?

Small Business Passwords and Policies with Online Security

Building a Network - Starting from Scratch

How often should business computers be upgraded?

The Bug Everyone’s Talking About - The Intel Bug

Monitoring your Network

Identifying Computer Display Connectors

So Long 2017 & Thanks for all the Fish!

Stroke Life Center - Northwestern Ohio

What is the Difference Between Memory and Storage?

Keep SSL in mind - Holiday shopping done right!

Why Documentation Can Streamline Any Business

Should I get my staff more training?

Creating And Maintaining A Successful Network

What it is like working for an IT Company in Elmore, Ohio?

What is RAM and how does my computer use it?

Digital Signage: Advertise & Inform, Instantly

The Clutter Folder

Voice as an Application: Why is it time to think VoIP?

The importance of using a ticketing system.

What's a Network Risk Assessment & why should I get one?

Why do Businesses Use Office 365?

Backups & Business Continuity. What’s the difference?

Harmony with Collaboration & Communication Tools in Office 365

Navigate Training - Continuing Education for Staff

Why is a VoIP phone better than traditional Analog phone systems?

IT Managed Service. What is it & do I need one?

What's so scary about a POODLE?

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