The Clutter Folder

Office365 users may have encountered a new folder in their mailbox. It's called the Clutter folder, and I'll give you a quick, un-cluttered break-down.

You know what the Junk folder is, it catches all of the e-mails you don't want to see. It helps you get to what's important without having to wade through all of the garbage.

Clutter is similar, but on a higher tier. It attempts to catch the e-mails of less importance. Items you may want to read, but are not deemed important; such as newsletters or marketing periodicals.

The cool part is that Outlook will already have a pretty good idea about what these items look like. However if you see an item in your Clutter folder that shouldn't be, it's as easy as throwing it back in your inbox and Outlook will remember not to filter e-mails from that sender anymore.

Just as easily, items can be regularly filtered to your Clutter folder by sending one there.

Microsoft knows that not all changes are welcome by every user. The Clutter folder is an option that can be turned off. If you are certain you'd like it turned off, please let us know and we can help you.