Lighthouse IT Solutions is 5 Years Old!

Happy Birthday

Last quarter marked a very special milestone for Lighthouse IT.

It's hard to believe that last July marked five years since we began our journey. There were so many emotions, fears, and questions as I faced moving on to what seemed like such a dream world.

From it, though, something amazing happened: the dream began to grow. I moved from a room in my home, to an office. I began selling equipment directly to clients. Then offering additional services. Soon the "I" became "we." The simple infrastructure began to grow into something much more complicated and mature.

Through it all, we moved from providing simple services to providing a host of products, services, and solutions designed around the needs of the most important people we knew.

The reason we did it? Because of you. Because of the support of your business. Because of the relationship we've built.

Because of you, I have spent the last 5 years living out my dream.

I am blessed and honored that you are a partner in our success. That you believe in us just as much as I do. Though as much as the last five years have meant to me, I am more eager to see what that dream looks like over the next five.

We appreciate every opportunity you provide for us to serve you.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew S. Almendinger