Here at Lighthouse IT Solutions,

Here at Lighthouse IT Solutions, we try and push ourselves to become more proficient in our work. Like a child aspiring to be an astronaut, it helps push us toward our dreams; except that kid will probably just be an economics major, like how we'll never outgrow Microsoft. None-the-less, this previous year was a huge milestone for us. Our company has grown to a point where automation is a necessity and as we move forward, we have also seen the importance of integration through our internal experience. We are very excited to teach the world what we have learned about the cross-functional cooperation of a business. With this knowledge, we would like to help these businesses run smoother and at a quicker pace. We will soon be lunching new solution-based plans for our clients that will no-doubt, bring a great deal of ease to everyone’s IT needs. This system (like the last upgrade for Lighthouse IT) will help make our clients lives become much less susceptible to the evils that are tech issues.

It is the future of Lighthouse IT Solutions.

Introducing Harmony. Harmony